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Unauthorised access to tower cranes can present a serious issue in the construction industry. There are many reasons for people to choose to trespass a tower crane including for fun, protests, and unfortunately even people wishing to cause themselves harm.

Without the proper knowledge and experience, understanding of how the plant functions, or any of the necessary safety equipment, this unauthorised access can potentially lead to injury, for example a person climbing the crane without a proper safety harness could slip and fall. 

General site security measures are often put in place to prevent and discourage access to a construction site, however additional security measures are required for a tower crane. 

WHS Regulation section 207 states that: “The person with management or control of plant at a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that when the plant is not in use it is left in a state that does not create a risk to the health or safety of any person.”

At Falcon Cranes, we ensure that the bottom of each tower crane is enclosed with barriers to prevent people climbing up the side of the crane. These barriers can be made from plywood or mesh panels. 

Additionally, ladder access hatches throughout the inside of the tower crane are also fitted with locks to prevent anyone climbing the crane, with keys being locked away at the end of each shift. 

How does your business or workplace prevent unauthorised access to or use of its plant and machinery? Let us know in the comments below!