This week at Falcon Cranes we erected the newest addition to our fleet, the Potain Igo 50 Self-Erecting Crane for our friends at Bespoke Constructions. Falcon now have a fleet of 4 self-erecting cranes ranging from 33m to 40m jib lengths.

The Igo 50 is the largest crane in the Igo range offered by Potain. With 40m of boom, the crane offers a compact design with a small rear slewing radius that ensures maneuverability on even the most congested job sites. This was of great assistance on the first project where a purpose built base grillage was required to bridge existing services and keep within the site boundary.

Its rapid unfolding and erection due to the advantages of hydraulic technology, easy transportation, reduced dimensions and short rear slewing radius make this crane perfect for the job. 

The ability to operate at several jib lengths are advantageous for the first project to ensure working around neighbouring buildings and out of service weathervane conditions can be adhered to.

Want to learn more about the Potain Igo 50 or find a crane that is right for you? 

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