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According to the Tower Crane Code of Practice, Tower Crane Operators must undergo Refresher Training at least once every three years: 

“Crane operators, doggers and riggers must undergo refresher training between two and a half and three years after either being issued with their initial licence for a class of high risk work, or since attending their most recent refresher training, whichever is the shorter time frame.”

The purpose of this refresher training is to ensure that crane operators maintain the competencies originally achieved during their high risk work licence course. It is particularly relevant for persons who have not continuously performed work as a Tower Crane Operator. 

The refresher training must incorporate the application of new technology, particularly for those persons who obtained their licence whilst working with more basic cranes. 

It should also incorporate the information contained in the Tower Crane Code of Practice, and any relevant changes to work health and safety legislation and Australian Standards which may have an impact on safe crane operations safe crane operation.

The refresher training can be carried out by either the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, an independent consultant or a third party (e.g. registered training organisation).

Records must be kept to provide proof that refresher training was carried out. According to the Tower Crane Code of Practice,  Crane operators, doggers and riggers must keep a documented record of refresher training they have undertaken, and this record must be kept in a logbook. The record should consist of the following information:

  • the person’s name, address and signature
  • the person’s relevant classes of high risk work and licence numbers
  • the name and signature of the person conducting the training
  • the dates and times of the training
  • details of the training, including where appropriate, the type of equipment used or
  • operated and the outcomes achieved.
  • Each training record must be verified and signed by the PCBU, or a representative of the
  • PCBU. The PCBU must also keep a copy of the training record.

Falcon Cranes meets the requirements of ongoing refresher training by carrying out annual refresher training and Verification of Competencies. We also conduct regular toolbox talks and regularly send updated health and safety information to our employees. 

How does your company meet ongoing refresher training requirements for its employees? Let us know in the comments below!